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How to understand a person by their cars!

This article was originally written about men and their cars. The same principals apply to women and their cars, as well as musicians and their cars.

Sports car personality types (wikimedia commons)
Aggressive and enthusiastic people drive sports cars!

Understand the sports car types...

Number one thing about people is the key to their personality is directly related to their cars. Their cars are a big extension of their egos and by studying the types of cars people like to own and drive, you can understand them!

The sports car personality is a great cheerleader and an excellent sales person! They love bright and shiny things! They love beautiful and flashy people! These men and women don't like people who are fat, mousy, and/or ugly in any way.

They are easily bored and need constant excitement in their lives. They always leap first and look later. Things that go fast catch their eyes! Big parties are their thing. Nice clothes and fancy accessories are mandatory.

They always pick up the check at any business luncheon because money is no object to get in the way of impressing someone! This type values respect and expects everybody's head to turn in their direction at all times.

The sports car personality gets angry easily and blows up! No one will ignore them if they are angry. They get hysterical quite often. Eventually they will calm down and apologize in a big dramatic way.

This guy or gal needs lots of people around to be happy. Their good qualities include: being persuasive, being a risk-taker, having a very competitive nature, having way too much confidence, being very socially skilled, inspiring, and outgoing.

Some people see this personality type as overbearing, dominating, pushy, restless, manipulative, and inpatient. The sports car person's philosophy is, "I am somebody special!"

The degree in which this type will have these traits is directly related to how clean and neat his car is (because they can't all afford to drive corvettes), how obsessed they are over their cars, and how much time and money they invest in the car. He, or she, will treat you pretty much the same way they treat their car if you hook up with this person!

If the sports car type trades in and up constantly - Watch out! You will be replaced just as fast.

Luxury Cars (Wikimedia commons)
Luxury Car Drivers are people of good taste!

Understanding the luxury car personality...

Great leaders, CEO's, supervisor types generally drive luxury cars. They are the ones that get things done or see that they get done. They are usually successful and value productivity. They like women who pamper themselves and their men, and are also successful in a high end market.

If luxury car type competes in sports or contests, he or she wants to win gold medal BIG. They think they deserves only the best things in life. Wine, fancy clothes, and classy music is their motto. They wish people would just get out of their way or bow down before them.

When luxury car types get mad, they will most likely take it out on some lowly inanimate object or some underling standing too close. They have a very acute sense of exactly which button to push to do the most harm. They will need to be alone for a while to get over whatever slight they think was done to them.

Luxury car people think most people are stupid and inept. They do have some good qualities though. They are: practicality, organization, directness, determination, dependable, good wage earners, goal oriented, and ambitious.

Some people think luxury car owners are very stubborn, rigid, distant, critical, and insensitive.

Luxury car personality type philosophy is, "Be all that you can be and make sure those around you are too!".

If you tend to favor luxury cars, showing any sign of weakness can be the death of you. They will certainly use it against you some day! If their cars are damaged in any way, they will trade it in.

The musician's van (wikimedia commons)

Sports Vans, Family Cars, People haulers, Music Equipment Vans...

One caveat to van drivers (some criminal types like vans for nefarious purposes, so we won't go there)

Van drivers are also lumped in with multi-passenger sport utility types, musicians, blue collar job types, and cub scout den leader types. You will have to analyze the personality type based on the kind of van type, auto, station wagon, multi-passenger type car they use, and how they treat that vehicle. People tend to treat their friends and significant others the same way as they treat their automobiles. Also make sure that you are basing your personality assessment of the car being driven as it relates to the person. Is it what they WANT to drive, or what they HAVE to drive?

Multi-passenger car people are the care givers of the world. They like to listen to other people's troubles, and you want them to please them. They make good therapists.

This person's anger goes nowhere because they keep it inside so as to not hurt anyone's feelings. They are sensitive and often depressed. They do not like change.

Multi-passenger car drivers love to sit on committees and be around people. They drive a van or station wagon because they have a lot of friends, or musical equipment to carry, and their friends always want them to drive them somewhere or help them move stuff.

If you want to borrow a few bucks, always ask a family car driver and you will always get the loan without worrying about having to pay it back.

Their good qualities are: caring, loving, devoted, helpful, trusting, sensitive, loyal, and gregarious.

Their bad qualities are: indecisive, vulnerable, hesitant, and too charitable for their own good. Their philosophy is, "Love me, for I am good and I also see the good in you."

If you want a big family and lots of friends, this is the personality type date for you. Just be ready to deal with handling all family affairs and bills as the family car drivers don't usually make hard decisions based on their best interests.

Practica car (wikimedia commons)
Practical and Safe Type Personalities

Understanding the practical car driver...

If you are considering dating or marrying a person who drives a "practical", "safe", or "popular" car like a Volvo, Honda, (Used to be Toyota), Mazda, or other "normal" type of car, then read up on this person's personality traits.

Practical car drivers are task oriented and make good computer geeks or bank tellers. They are very righteous and expect everyone to be straight along a party line. They expect their friends and lovers to side with them on every issue.

These personality types are more conservative, passive than the other personality types. They fit in with society and don't want to make waves.

Their anger is generally directed inward. They must always be correct. They must always make the "right" decisions. This type has a logical and linear brain that loves obeying the rules and spouting statistics. Just remember that the truth is not always the same as the way they see things.

Safe type car drivers are organized and cautious. They are very loyal to their friends, yet are very critical towards them too. They want the safest car available and always buckle up.

These people are penny pinchers and have lots of money in the bank, but they rarely spend it. Their good qualities are: thoroughness, factual, meticulous, calm, high standards.

Some people think they are slow to get things done, withdrawn, sullen, shy, and dull. Their philosophy is, "I am always right, therefore I am and I love the right wing philosophy!".

Practical cars and their drivers are just that practical and boring. If you want a long predictable life, then find this person and get married!

Jay Leno (Public Domain Image)

Understanding the Car Enthusiast Combination Type Personality...

When trying to understand a someone's personality by using their preferred car choices, take care to notice if they really seem to care for their cars and how they go about caring for their cars.

Some people just don't have much of a personality, so therefore don't care what kind of car they drive. Or they may have a combination type and prefer to drive one kind of car one day and another on special occasions - use the special occasion car to decide.

Or maybe they are just too wishy-washy to make decisions.

But one thing I have learned in my many years of experience on studying people and their cars, I have found that they definitely treat their cars according to their personality and personality traits! Try observing this phenomenon for a few months and you too will see it quite clearly.

If a person treats their car badly, they will treat you badly. If they treats it well, then they will treat you well. So go study those cars and find the person of your dreams!

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