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Cool Electronic Gadgets for Musicians

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Top Gadgets for Musicians

What do you call a musician that loves electronic gadgets?

Answer: A Buckethead!

Bucketheads Unite!

I know this because I live with a guy that likes cool gadgets for musicians. He is constantly scouring the web for new electronic effects, wireless hook ups for guitars and new electronics for musicians. Other musicians share tips on the best gadgets via FaceBook, MySpace and Musician Forums.

There are so many cool gadgets out there these days, that one could say that a single musician can create whole orchestral sounds just by using the top gadgets for musicians.

Musicians crave making their own music. When you can't afford a music studio of your own, you have to resort to music gadgets.

Zoom H4 recording gadget

The Zoom is a digital audio recorder for musicians that can also be used for recording concerts or Karaoke singers. The Zoom H4 will also render 4-track audio with CD quality, 16-bit/44.1 kHz resolution (whatever that means to non-musicians). This is what Bob uses to put together his orchestra of a drum machine, a bass guitar, a rhythm guitar and his outstanding lead guitar riffs. Yes, he lays down every track with his own instrumental compositions.

Foot Pedals

Foot pedals transform the music being played much like the foot pedals of a piano. They make a cool gadget gift for musicians playing electric guitars. They also work as an on/off switch. They don't work on acoustic guitars, so don't make that mistake.

Electronic Drum Machines

Zoom also makes a fantastic little digital drum machine that comes with hundreds of drum rhythms. You can program in your own beats and songs. And it keeps perfect time! Bob uses the drum machine for the background in most of his recordings.

Most Popular Electronics for Musicians

If you are looking for popular gifts for musicians, there are some great new products available. Every musician or music lover needs good headphones. Michael Phelps just made headphone history with his choice of Sol Republic on ear headphones to wear while waiting in the dressing room and even while walking out to the pool.


If you can't think of any other gift to get the music nut in your life, then get them a new pair of headphones. Go for features like water resistant, colorful and comfortable. The headphones worn by Phelps were SOL Republic HD headphones and they will set you back a little over a hundred bucks. Anyone would love to get these as a Christmas gift or whatever gift. So would I! (hint, hint).

So many music gadgets for everyone!

Whether you play an instrument, or you listen to them being played, music brings joy and comfort into everyone's lives. Music is a treat for the ears and eyes. Musical themed items are available for all.

Practically every band and musician sports a T-shirt design at the very least. There are millions of music CD's available for gifts. But if you are looking for cool gadgets that represent music, then The Music Stand has a great selection!

Gadget ideas for music lovers:

  • Stocking stuffers - Guitar Picks
  • Music pins - the treble cleft is a cute pin
  • Apparel - Guitar Tree Graphic Music Art Banksy Man t-shirt-black-blue-print-X-Large
  • Tools and Gadgets - tuners, wireless pick-ups
  • Accessories for Music Lovers - metronomes, instrument cases
  • Handbags and Totes - very cute!
  • Books - Learn to play the guitar or piano
  • Guitar Tuners - must haves
  • Wall Art and Home D├ęcor - music posters
  • Jewelry for Musicians and Music Lovers - Music Notes 2 X Logo Guitar Pick Earrings

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