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After creating three music CDs and the accompanying iTunes uploads at CreateSpace, I can now say that I feel qualified to write a tutorial about the process. Note: Currently, CreateSpace no longer allows iTunes marketing (2016).

Many musicians today are creating and producing their own music, or self-publishing. Writers have been doing this for a few years now. Musicians are finding that they can become successful garage bands, indie musicians, or even solo musical artists, right from their own simple home studios.

With the step by step instructions, you too will have your own music project ready to sell and market in no time!

It does take some time and effort, but once you have the finished product, you can concentrate on making more music and designing more CDs. In your spare time, you can work on marketing your music.

After your long and involved attempt to create your own digital content, your music CD will be featured at, as well as a sale page estore at CreateSpace that you can incorporate directly into your own website. Be sure to configure all of the sales channels available at CreateSpace!

Digital Music is the New Way to Produce Your Indie Music Projects

Working with CreateSpace and Amazon, Bob Cargill Music now has professional productions of three high quality music CDs.

CreateSpace will work with you individually to help you produce the best product for your musical compositions. They accept uploaded music and will accept your jewel case artwork, or they can provide a team to professionally design your music CD for you.

Step by Step - How we Created Our Music CDs

1. Choose the type of project that you want to create in your session. In this case, you will choose to create an audio CD. Steps one and two will actually be a combination step. You may choose to design the CD yourself (guided) or choose an expert level which I am not familiar with.

Add the Title of your new project. Titles are important and you don't want to change them once you have chosen it. A title should describe, in three words or less, what the project is all about.

Fill in the blank areas - Click the What's This? link to get an explanation of what is needed and required for each blank space. The What's This? link appears frequently and is extremely helpful - use these!

Add all of the titles for your audio CD. If there is more than 10, choose the option to add 10 more. You do not actually have to add a total of 20 tracks, you are just adding 10 more spaces. Here is where you will also choose to upload the tracks or send in the master CD. We have always chosen to send in a mastered CD, one that has never been played. Note: As of 2016, CreateSpace no longer accepts master CDs, you must digitally upload your musical tracks. Make sure you use the format they want, TIFF, and have a fast connection.

This screen is for assigning UPC codes to your product. If you actually have one, then enter it here, if not, CreateSpace will assign one for your project. It is not something you have to worry about. It's just a universal product code for bar coding your music CD.

Choosing your artwork - CreateSpace has three different ways to do the artwork and graphics for your CD. A. You can send in pre made artwork designs - they provide the details for the artwork. B. You can choose to work with their design screens (This is what I do), or C. You can hire a professional to do the graphic design for you. This could get pricey! Working with the design software is pretty easy, but you will have to experiment - A LOT - to get just the design you want.

After working with the CreateSpace design studio, sometimes for days and days, you are ready to send in your artwork for approval. The artwork must meet with their standards and you may have to re-do it a time or two. Be familiar with a good photo processor like Paint Shop Pro X2, Photoshop or others.

Now, you will reach the final step of sending in your master CD or sending in the project for approvals. They will look at each step and let you know if any corrections are needed. They will then make a proof CD and you must order it and approve it before the project can proceed. It's only a few bucks and worth it to get the proof exactly perfect. Be aware, that if the proof needs corrections, you will have to order another proof if changes are made. Keep doing this until the proof is exactly the way you want it!

Do You Have Any Tips For Publishing Your Own Music?

Calling all musicians! Do you have tips and tricks for creating and distributing your own music? How do the indie musicians do it? Do you know of and good musician's websites that help you create and distribute your music?

Tell me about your experiences as a musician. If you have had some success at something, contact us and let us know!

Perhaps these tips I have provided in this hub will help a struggling musician or two.

I respond to all comments, so feel free to chime in and we'll get a dialogue going and maybe we'll get something viral going! You never know...

Bob provides free music - He could use a few tips to keep the tunes going!

Please support Indie Musicians...Thank you!

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