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YouTube Tips - 1 - 5

1. Make the best videos that you can! - Learn how to use your video recorder and video editing software!

2. Choose your channel name carefully - You can edit the channel name, so do your marketing research.

3. Your channel's icon should be as high resolution as possible and sized at 800 x 800 pixels square. This icon will also serve as your G+ account icon.

4. The banner art is the header of your channel and is best viewed on a desktop computer. This is a very large image, so make it count. The total size of the image will be 2560 x 1440 pixels, but the center of that image with the details you want to display should be 1546 x 423 and centered in the canvas of the large uploaded image. This is so that, when scaled for mobile or tablet viewing, the main focus of the image can still be seen.

5. Your channel's description needs to have full search engine optimization. If you have no idea how to do this, go to Fivrr and pay someone to do it. It will be worth the effort. Feature your most important content, use keywords geared to your content, and include your channel schedule. How often will people expect to find new content?

YouTube Tips - 6 - 10

6. Crosslink your web content by using the About tab of your settings. Here is where you include your website link, your store links, and other social media links. If you have a regular newsletter, you can add it here too.

7. The Featured Channels setting can be used to promote like-minded content. A lot of people will use your channel to locate related information and if you link to others, they might just link back to you.

8. There is a good reason to enable the YouTube browse view and discussion settings. YouTube is getting to be very interactive. The discussions there can get you more views and great interaction between you and your fans.

9. Now is the time to think of an intro trailer video that will attract viewers to subscribe to your channel. Think of this as a teaser, short video that tells the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your channel and why people would be interested in watching your videos! Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. Ask them to subscribe!

10. When you add sections to your channel, you are basically organizing your content. Try to group your videos by some unifying theme. If you have more than one YouTube account, you should be able to feature a section using the second account. This is important as it is impossible to transfer your videos from one account to another account. But you can feature a section from one channel to another! Don't forget to put your most important sections on the top! People don't want to scroll, so the top section is the one most casual visitors are likely to be seeing.

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YouTube Tips 11 - 16

11. Once you have established a YouTube channel, you may apply for a customized channel URL. Your channel has to meet certain requirements first. It must be at least 30 days old, have 500 subscribers, good channel art, and a channel icon.

12. Don't forget to select a default video category. Choose one that your channel fits best. Some people surf by category and although yours may not come up on top, it's still a good idea to specialize.

13. Check your account status and verify your channel. This will make it just a little harder for hackers to break in.

14. Make a footer for your video descriptions with links to your website and social media accounts. Make this your default footer. It's located in your account defaults settings.

15. Don't forget the all important tags! Do some search engine optimization and choose tags that people will be looking for while searching for videos. Don't spam the tags, but do use tags that apply to your video.

16. Locate the help file for Fan Finder and learn how to use this handy tool. YouTube will display ads for your channel!

YouTube Tips - 17 - 25

17. InVideo programming is now known as Featured Content. You can highlight your best content as an Annotation. This causes the featured content to appear when viewers watch one of your videos. For help - search featured content at YouTube.

18. Your logo can be turned into a watermark as a branding item. Your logo will then appear in the lower right corner of your videos. It is clickable and will link back to your home page. See the artwork guidelines (above) to create your logo.

19. Under the advanced settings for your channel, you may choose keywords. These keywords are to describe the kind of content your provide.

20. Also under your advanced settings, you may specify your official website. This is a little tricky as it likes to associate with your Google home page, but persevere and it will be worth it.

21. It's a good thing to use channel recommendations. It's like link sharing. Your videos might be shared on other video channels. It's kind of like swapping links.

22. Add and check your Google Analytics tracking ID in your advanced settings. YouTube provides good tracking already, but this may improve your rank.

23. Sign up for ads to be shown in your videos. You'll eventually get paid!

24. Don't forget those privacy settings! Mostly you do want people to find you, but not your personal and private information!

25. ALWAYS 'share' whenever you can! Social media works best when we share and share alike.

26 - BONUS TIP! - Video thumbnails allow viewers to instantly identify the video producer/owner. You can customize a branding icon that becomes like the Lion on the MGM movie credits. It's YOU!

Your personal thumbnail should be high resolution (minimum width of 640 pixels); be a .jpg .gif. bmp, or .png.; stay under 2 MB; and use a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Search YouTube help files for more information! These help files are extensive.

Do You YouTube?

Do you have a channel? If you have used any or all of the tips to configure your YouTube channel, please contact us and let us know if we have helped by posting these tips. Or just clue us in on some tips that you have found to be helpful. Thank you!

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